Mar 26, 2010

English Essay

You’ve just entered English class

This is only an essay for my assessment.. haha.. i know.. My English are soooo.. eerrgghhh.. So, if you laughing at me while you read this essay, I will never mad on you..

Actually, this few days, there are many things happened to me related to my English usage.. Whether on writing and speaking.. But, seriously, when I read an English article or somebody talking to me in English, I can understand.. But unfortunately I can’t reply it..

Long time ago, I had opened the dictionary to find out any cute word for my email address.. Then I found Hussy on Oxford.. Hussy means “gadis yang nakal”.. So, I think is just nakal biasa.. So I had decided to use that word.. But, since that, there are many spam email about sexual entered on my inbox.. Until now, I have a blog, then same thing had happened to my blog where I had received lot of comments about same topic.. Luckily, it can’t appear without my permission.. Then, after I recheck the meaning of hussy.. oh God!! In pasar language, hussy = prostitute.. yuks... so, last Wednesday, i had changed my email address..

Yesterday, I had conversation with my supervisor.. She said about my English on writing.. She said, there are so many spelling error and direct translation during checking my log book.. I had taken this issue as my weakness and I realize it.. So, i must improve my English for my own future.. Too bad, if i can’t get a job because my level of English usage.. She had suggested to me to read more English book and take a note the grammar.. Yes.. I will.. for me.. and for my future..
p/s: nape aku bace mende ni mcm karangan budak sekolah rendah erk.. ntah2 diorgnye karangan lg bagus dari aku.. haha.. jom gelak ramai2..

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