Nov 5, 2012

Adanya Sijil KAAK


I came to see him for the office matter, but he has told me.

"I am really interested in your business, my elder brother and I never thought to invest in this business. I once asked my fiance to take care of this business but she has not convinced and need to learn more.
It's was very exciting!!...
If you are interested and having funding problems, You can come and see me any time and I am very keen to invest in your business....
Don't be shy, let me know anytime soon....."

He told me twice ok!!!

terkejut makkkk!!!

Dia yakin dengan saya sebab saya telah pergi KAAK walaupun saya belum habis KAAK!

** Saya masih lagi mencuba untuk mendapatkan dana sendiri dan bina bisnes saya sendiri dari hasil titik peluh saya.. terima kasih en...

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